Your wedding day is going to be one of the most important days of your life. And I know that it’s not just about the vows and the setting, it’s in the subtleties that tell the whole story. Your story is more than one day. It’s everything that leads up to it and it’s rich cast of characters. Is it your father as he walks you down the aisle? Is it your Maid of Honor giving an emotional speech? Is it in the convergence of family and friends meeting each other for the first time? Or that moment when your mom fretting and keeping busy during prep? When filming, I look for the details that might be overlooked in the flurry of your magical day. These subtle moments are raw, unstaged, natural moments that make your story uniquely yours .

At our home in Ontario, my wife and I enjoy our three cats “Buttons, “Lenny” and “Sunshine” (even though I’m allergic). And while we love exploring new cuisines and filmmaking techniques including drone filming, we’ve followed wedding stories to Bali, China Los Angeles and Atlanta. We’ll be traveling to Iceland and Mexico this year and my wife and I will happily travel to wherever your story is. We believe that love is timeless and can exist between any combination of people. We document all weddings and all ceremonies. We’d love to be involve of your story.

We approach every wedding and story with a fine-tuned attention to detail. Not only do we make sure to document every moment that we can and come prepared for every shoot, we also make sure to pre-plan as much as possible. When we work with couples, it’s not just an exchange, it’s a relationship. You’re not just a bride and groom, you’re Patricia & Jordan , Jennifer and Trevor , Briana and Grace , you’re you . We try to meet with our couples at least three times before the wedding and make sure that we get to know them so that on the big, there are no strangers in the room. We love getting to know families and friends that surround the couple. On the wedding day, we listen to each couple’s story and approach every film differently. We interview the parents and help paint the colorful tapestry that is your amazing day. We are very experienced with Same Day edits and will work tirelessly to make sure your film is exactly what you’re wanting to it be. Please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’d love to grab coffee with you and get excited about your amazing day ahead.